Monday, August 8, 2011

The weekend

I was in the mountains of Pennsylvania this weekend.  I went up to my sister's farm so that we could complete the quilt top for our nephew's wedding quilt.  He got married a little over a year ago but we like to make sure the wedding is going to "take" before we give the quilt!  I took my camera but left the memory card stuck in the side of my laptop.  I do that so often you would think I would have a method for remembering to put the card back in the camera as soon as I finish downloading pictures.  Obviously, I do not!

So - I was here

and I did some of this

 and went to a quilt shop and bought this.

It was a lovely relaxing weekend spent with two of my favorite people.

This week it is back to reality - the office and sewing in the "hot box".  I have 48 red and white blocks finished and I am anxious to get them all completed so that I can start making rows.  Because the reds are not all the same I think I need to lay them all out in order to place them so that the red hues run through out the quilt.  It will be a challenge but I think I am up for it!


  1. Beautiful place and your pictures are awesome as in quality.

  2. The farmhouse is beautiful!!! What a great atmosphere to sew in.


  3. VERY cool house!! Those little Cash & Carry thingies are the best!! I've make 4 of them, and dd made 5! Perfect for holding all of those "extra" card that you carry.


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