Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Just thought I would mention that it is COLD, y'all!  I enjoy a nip in the air but this is a shock to my system.  (I am, of course, a delicate flower...)

Now that I have finished complaining about the temperature, I am going to tell you about my list of things I hope to do in 2012.  I used to be extremely goal oriented back in the day when I was in sales and worked for a terrific company that rewarded their employees for reaching certain goals.  Now, not so much.  I enjoy my job but it doesn't have the stress (or rewards) that come with working in sales.  At any rate, my goal setting skills have diminished over the years but I do have some things in mind for my sewing studio for 2012.

1.  Clean and organize (and keep it that way!)  Yes, I do realize that is awfully vague for a goal but it's the best I can do at this point.
2.  Photograph groupings of fabrics for my purse/tote/quilt making business
3.  Finally finish my sister's quilt and put the binding on my niece's quilt. (The quilt has been finished to that point for 3 years.  What is up with me and binding?!)
4.  Use up some of the fabric in my ridiculous number of scrap bins and actually make 2 scrap quilts.
5.  Make 12 Christmas runners prior to November.  They really don't take that long and why I wait to the very last minute is beyond me.
6.  Limit "custom" work to only two products per month during the first 10 months of the year AND no more that 10 between November 1st and December 10th.  No more Christmas Eve deliveries to customers and making myself and my family crazy!
7.  Etsy shop - seriously.
8.  For every new project, finish an old WIP.  I have so many projects that just need to be quilted...and I actually really enjoy quilting.  I need to get them quilted before my sister sells her long arm which she is threatening to do.
9.  Paper piece something.  I hate the thought of wasting fabric but I would love to make a mariner's compass and the only way that is going to happen is if I learn to paper piece and embrace the process.
10.  I took a photo of Mount Rainier about 10 years ago that I want to re-create in a landscape quilt.  It is time to stop looking at it on my project board and make that quilt!

I think all of these goals are attainable and that is the idea behind goal setting.  Now it needs to be determined if I am a slacker or champion goal setter!


  1. You go girl! I'm all with you on #1. Bringing in a friend to help me reorganize... we'll see whether we talk more or clean up more.

    Hum, limiting custom work? Is that a big part of your business? or does it fluctuate a lot.

    I may have to come up with some year long goals but I don't know if I would be brave enough to publicly post them. Go for it! B.

  2. Looks awesome - will be interested to see how you progress through the year. Let us know when the Etsy shop is up and running!!!

  3. Wow! There are so fantastic goals in amongst that lot.

    I'm doing mini goals in 2012 as far as sewing is concerned. I pushed myself hard last year for someone who works fulltime so I know what I can achieve -this year is about enjoying the process a bit more.

    Happy New Year Suzan. I'll be watching your space with great interest!

  4. Those are some absolutely fantastic goals! Maybe once a month you could keep us posted on your progress...just trying to help! LOL


  5. I like #8 the best. I may borrow that one!


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