Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just a little something to keep me busy

I don't like to sew at night.  I am usually not terribly alert and a needle through a fingernail is not what I want to jolt me awake!   I like to keep my hands busy when I am watching television so I either crochet or knit.  (If I am doing some kind of needlework I am not cramming chips or cookies in my mouth.)  I have been making these darling crochet ruffle scarves.

Image of Painted Ruffle <font color=red>Scarf</font>

The pattern is from Lion Brand and the scarf is made with their Homespun yarn.  Here is a link to the pattern.  I have made it with different yarns, slight variations in stitches, etc.  Every one is very pretty.  I have sold several and gave several as gifts at Christmas.  The picture makes it look very "lumpy" to wear but not so.  It works beautifully if you make a long loop, shove the ends through the loop and then wrestle with it a little to get the loop close to your neck.  It provides lots of fabric around your neck and just a small amount of bulk at the top of your coat or jacket.  One of the best things is that the scarves make up very quickly (it takes me two nights to make one).  If you crochet, try it.  Bet you can't make just one!!

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  1. Love it!! I've seen several of these and they are fabulous!!


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