Thursday, March 8, 2012

I swear I just went in to look for children's books!

I stopped at Goodwill on the way home from work last evening.  My grandchildren are coming for Easter and my youngest granddaughter likes to pull something new to read from the children's bookshelf I have in the guest room.  She is 10 now so I wanted to pick up some books that would appeal to her since I think she has read everything I have already!  I made the mistake of wandering through the houseware section.  (I am always on the lookout for a piece of silver, ironstone or crystal.)  In a box on the bottom shelf in the "white" section was this

She (all sewing machines are "she") was dirty with some kind of weird film but there was a plastic grocery bag attached to the handle with the manual and foot pedal/power cord.  I learned how to sew on a Necchi so I bought it.  It was only $6.97 and I could return it within 7 days if it didn't work.  So I cleaned it, only found 2 scratches and the drawer inside the free arm cover had the original plastic bag with the felt spool "thingies", a screwdriver, seam ripper, 10 bobbins and extra feet.  As I discovered, the only thing missing is the buttonhole foot but I have one that will work.  I oiled it thoroughly, wound a bobbin and sewed.  Perfect stitches!

It has several built in utility stitches and even a few decorative stitches.

The pinkish hue on the stitch diagram is from a reflection of a quilt coming off the front of my china cabinet and not a defect on the machine!
The feed dogs drop but it does not have a needle down feature so quilting on it would be a possibility but not likely.  It is all metal construction with the exception of the free arm cover so it is built to last.  My sister teaches sewing to children in the summer so I think this machine will end up at her house (because I am nice that way!)  All in all, I am pretty darned pleased with my purchase.

Oh, I did find a large bag of books for my granddaughter including 2 Newberry Prize winners...for just $3.97.  Now if I could just learn to pick up only what I go in for and not wander around!


  1. That is such a good buy! It was meant to be, I'm sure...

  2. "Now if I could just learn to pick up only what I go in for and not wander around"

    I say that in damn near every store I enter!

  3. The thing about Goodwill is you cannot just go in to get what you are looking for. You won't find it. A trip to Goodwill is completely serendipitous! What a wonderful find!

  4. Such a great find...don't you wish you knew the history of it...but now you are writing a new chapter in the life of the machine...then if used this summer by another person...will be more history.

  5. Now that is an awesome find at the thrift! Sometimes I pray I do not find one as I am running out of room in my sewing room!;-)Like you I could not leave it there for that price!

  6. Way to go Suzan! You rescued an orphan! Woo hoo! Bless your heart.

  7. very cool!! love the different from the ones that are on the machines today.

    congrats on the books! I bought so many books from our Goodwill when the kids were growing up one of them asked their teacher if they could go to Goodwill for a field trip! She laughed, thank goodness she knew me!

  8. What a crazy bargain! I wouldnt have been able to pass it up either. Although I think if I start collecting sewing machines in addition to fabric divorce wont be far off !

  9. What a great thrift store find! Lucky you!


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