Friday, March 16, 2012

Jelly rolls

I really like working with jelly rolls.  I love the fact that at least a portion of the cutting has been done for me because I am not wild about cutting.  I also like that a jelly roll has so many different fabric choices and they all look good together.  Yes, I do like choosing fabric on my own but I am not a snob about it.  I like collections, too.  (I have discussed at length my lust for anything designed by 3 Sisters for Moda!)  I picked up a quilt book to give my sister for Christmas and then forgot where I put it.  I discovered it pushed under the sleep sofa in the living room which I do not move often because it weighs just under a ton.

There are some really darling small quilts in this book.  Most of them are either lap quilt size or baby crib size. I had ordered a jelly roll on clearance (Sophie by Chez Moi for Moda) and thought it would make a sweet quilt for a baby.

Don't these just scream "baby girl"?

The quilt will be constructed on point with Kona white alternating blocks.

There are 20 strips of fabric remaining from the roll that will make another baby quilt.  I like getting a little extra bang for the buck!


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