Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back from retreat!

Well, I said I would have some quilty content next blog post so here I am!  I just got back from retreat this afternoon.  I had a wonderful time and got so many things finished.  And so...

I started on this quilt top nearly two years ago.  The arcs are cut free form.

I finished making all the blocks and put them together.  (I liked it better in my mind but that's the way it goes!)

Several months ago I picked up a couple of charm packs of Grace by 3 Sisters for Moda.  I also picked up some yardage.  I did a simple stacked coins block and used bone Kona cotton as the background fabric.
(Should have ironed it!)
I didn't have enough yardage for the outer border and until I know for sure which color I can find I won't make the borders.  With the outer borders it will be a nice sized lap throw.  I have enough fabric to make matching pillow covers.  This will be my Christmas quilt.

I also cut the fabric and made all the green blocks for a girl baby quilt.

I need to go shopping for 3 pink fabrics to make up the pink blocks.  It's a very simple block but it looks cool put together so I am fairly excited about this quilt.

Last (but never least!) we had the opportunity to do a little fabric shopping.  My intention was to take advantage of the sale price on some fabric at Log Cabin in Intercourse.  I only shopped a little bit outside those perimeters.

The multi colored floral, pale green floral and the black/red fabric were all sale priced.  I already started cutting up the black and red fabrics to make purses.  The pale green will be a quilt back.  See the purply brown fabric with the blue snowflakes?  It's a piece of "Figgy Pudding".  The colors are kind of unusual so I was happy to acquire this piece.  It will go with a piece I have in my stash from several years ago.  The two pieces that are peach colored are very, very old pieces of Moda.  I have been looking for them for YEARS. Finally, success.  I think the piece on the bottom will be a summer bag.  I have to see what I have in stash to use with it.

The other women on retreat had some incredible projects.  They are all very talented quilters and I am honored to be able to spend time with them.  Hope your next retreat is as successful and as much fun!


  1. Oh, I've said it before and I'll say it pick the most beautiful fabrics! I LOVE the red/black/white fabrics. Looks so rich! Glad you had a wonderful time!

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  3. Oh wow, it was quilting intensive and I loved it. Glad you had a good time~

  4. You got a ton of stuff done. Looks like it was a very productive weekend.

    Stacked coins are one of my favourite go to quilt pattens.

  5. Great projects Suzan! I think I have that first quilt here as well lol.

  6. And we all enjoyed having you with us! The batik circle quilt looks much better in person, and I love the soft pinks and greens of that baby quilt. Can't wait to see what the red, black and white FQs become when they grow up!


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