Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nook cover

I posted on my other blog about this yesterday.

Ignore that little fuzzy bit...wonder what it was?!
I had a need, had the fabric and had little time to play around.  I think it is prettier than the VeraB products I have seen and the one I made doesn't support the Chinese economy.  I almost finished another one made with a different type of fabric AND leather.  Yes - leather!  The new one has an extra pocket for things like earphones (so that you can watch old episodes of "Big Bang Theory" on Hulu Plus and not disturb those around you).  I hand stitched the binding because I am not very satisfied with my machine binding abilities.

Perhaps I should practice binding mug rugs and potholders...


  1. Looks lovely! Yes, much prettier than Vera's (but I hate to tell you that the fabric may have been made in China, so you did support their economy a bit).
    I have problems with machine binding, too. Hand stitching looks so much nicer!

  2. I'm going to be doing a tutorial on machine binding in the near future since I have (gulp) 4 to do right now and 4 more coming up. I love to make covers for my quilt desk calendar. I am waiting for the purchased on on my Kindle to wear out before making a new one.


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