Saturday, June 2, 2012

Do you have a Nook?

My sweet son and his lovely wife presented me with a Nook Tablet for my birthday/Mother's Day gift this year.  Chad took me through the basics and I started buying books.  What I figured out pretty quickly is that I could go broke in a hurry because it is just so easy to buy a book on line and have it appear moments later on my Nook ready to read.

I have seen a couple of quilt blogs that point out free books for the Kindle but nothing for the Nook.  If you are a Nook reader and are looking for some inexpensive (and often FREE!) books to download, here  is a great link.  I just added the link to my blog reader and automatically get updates throughout the day.

Now to find free quilt patterns I can download!


  1. Suzan,
    I rarely buy books for my nook. First, I go to nook books on B&N, then I type in the category I want, like Amish Fiction, for instance, then I click the 'Sort By' button to Price: Low to High. OR you can type in the search bar, Nook Books For Free. There are a lot of free books. Also, did you know about the FREE FRIDAY books? I just got one yesterday that looks pretty good. Have fun reading!!! I love my Nook Color!

  2. I actually have a Kindle, but there is a blog: that lists books in various formats. These books sometimes include what I will call X-rated books. But there are books for the nook listed. Good luck.

  3. Cool!! I'm an Audible gal..listen on my I-Touch...lets me be hands free. The teens in my life walk around plugged in...and so do I. Listening to a Scarpetta book right now.


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