Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So down in the basement

was a sofa table that I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago.  It is a simple Shaker style pine table that I used behind my couch before I bought my house.  The layout of my living room now does not allow for positioning a sofa in the middle of the room so the table was banished to the basement.  Truthfully, I have been using it as a work table and had my boxes of nails, screws, etc. piled on top of it. 
I saw a post on Sew Many Ways and thought Karen had a great idea.  The table is the perfect height to use as an ironing station, is wider than a regular ironing board and because it is a rectangle, much more efficient when ironing quilt tops or large pieces of fabric.  I picked up some ironing board cloth at Joann’s with a 50% off coupon, dug some scrap cotton batting out of a big plastic container and loaded up the staple gun. 
As you can see, I needed to “boost” the table up a bit to a comfortable ironing height.  That was easily accomplished with some bed risers I had in the storage closet.  And wouldn’t it have been a good idea to trim the edges nicely?!
Actual time to make the ironing table was only about 30 minutes.  My kind of project – cheap and fast!


  1. Brilliant use of a unused table! Sure wish I had one!

    Love the risers...I use them under my cutting table (banquet table 6' long) and love the better height.

  2. Love this idea Suzan. Now to find myself a table !

  3. Very nice! My cutting table is a farm house style table we puicked out of someone's trash. I sed the risers as well, but coukld really use another 5" of height on it. LOVE upcycling!

  4. Great idea! We have a huge ironing board at work; I must make one for home.


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