Saturday, October 27, 2012

But wait! There's more!!

I am also making some non-quilted pillow covers.

I am absolutely crazy about these chickens!

All graphics are from the Graphics Fairy and are printed onto washed, bleached, washed canvas drop cloth fabric.  Everyone who has seen them loves them so I am hoping that they will sell well at the show.  I have my fingers crossed!


  1. Love. Really great! Did you print these yourself?

  2. I love those! I'm sure they will sell as they will go with anything.

  3. They are wonderful. Im sure they'll sell very quickly.

    I need details about how you did this because my house needs a couple of those !

  4. I love them. They are classy. I bet you will have people fighting over them.

  5. These are gorgeous Suzan - how do you bleach them - just stick them in a buck of bleach?
    I'm working on a table set right now these would look perfect for them!!!


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