Saturday, October 19, 2013

Missouri Star Quilt Company

Have you signed up for daily specials from Missouri Star Quilt Company?

I did and it is the most brilliant marketing I have encountered in a long time. They run fabulous specials every day in addition to weekly specials with items like charm packs for (roughly) $2, layer cakes around $22, etc. Even with shipping on top, the prices are most often less than I can find at Burkholder's (in Lancaster County) using a coupon. However, you don't want to get just a charm pack and call it a day. No, you take a peek at the rest of the weekly specials and throw something else into your virtual shopping basket. Next thing you know, you are shopping there two or three times a week.

Or is it just me?!


  1. They are an amazing story. There was a newscast about them at some point. Check You Tube for the story. Their community was depressed and they came up with the concept of selling mostly precuts and added the videos. The rest is history. I try to ignore all the wonderful stuff they sell but I'm kicking myself for missing a beautiful collection of reds the other day.


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