Saturday, October 5, 2013

Simple sewing

While I sew nearly every day, I also like to crochet in the evenings. I have a ridiculous number of crochet hooks in a variety of sizes. I have been keeping them in a ziploc bag. It occurred to me this morning that a drawstring pouch might be a better (and much prettier) way to keep them.


Sometimes simple sewing is the best sewing!


  1. It's beautiful. I love black and whites! Much prettier than a ziploc!

  2. Amazing how we overlook these instant gratification projects sometimes - and they brighten the everyday! In my case I need a new lunchbag as the handles on mine are frayed - my coworker says I am like the cobblers children going barefoot.

  3. I love fast and easy projects and this fits the bill (practical too) You did a lovely job.

  4. black and white dots...always classy...always cute as a button. :)

  5. What a fun way to store your crochet hooks (and make it easy to find them!!!) Thanks for sharing :)


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