Friday, October 12, 2007

To use or not to use?

In an effort to use up some stash, I decided to make a little table mat that would have a "fall" feeling. In a grab bag of fabric that was labeled as neutrals, I received a couple of pieces from a collection of fabric that is supposed to look like a sampler of needlework. These are not fabrics that I would choose to use for anything. However, they were here, the colors are ok and I wanted to use what I had. This may have been a complete waste of time as I really do not like the outcome. Maybe after I quilt it I will be able to stand it but right now - ick! I will probably practice some free motion feathers in the border and practice is always a good thing.

If it turns out less hideous than I think at this point, I may post a photo. If not, it may become a mat under the cat's bowl. She isn't terribly picky!


  1. I think I must have a different idea from some about "stash." I tend to just add to it and not want to use it up!

    I noticed that your To Do list has a Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. I'd like to hear more about that one. Do you go there? We go every summer to Hatteras Village and I am collecting fabrics to someday do a beach themed quilt that might have some photos from our visits there.


  2. My mum always has my 'practise pieces'. Her house is filled with my imperfections but she loves them.
    love and hugs xxx


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