Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm Trying...Really!

Lest someone think I have been goofing off...I am working on "Happy Jack", a Halloween wall hanging (Pieces from My Heart). I used mostly fabric from my stash (took a couple from my sister's stash) and did my own thing. I didn't like the way the pattern showed the mouth as it looked kind of sinister to me and not happy at all. I added a couple of leaves for a little more interest and free motion embroidered some vines. I am never one to use a pattern as I find it. All was going well until I started machine quilting a loopy meander just outside the pumpkin. I broke two needles in about five minutes and cannot figure out what's causing it to happen. If I had more energy I would go get "the big dog" and try quilting on that machine. I am going to try again tomorrow morning and see what happens. If I break another needle I will use my ancient, trusty Singer.

And some people wonder why I need 4 sewing machines!

1 comment:

  1. There's always a reason to keep them around. SOmedays it's just not Your Day on a certain machine!


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