Saturday, October 20, 2007

No quilting for me...

It's been an entire week since I posted and I have done absolutely NO QUILTING! I know, hard to believe since I have been on such a roll lately.

Biggest accomplishment in the past week? We finally got Julie's APQS Freedom SR all set up. What a task! It came in 7 big boxes that broke down to about another 8 boxes and two manuals, one of which had bad labels on the photos so that was an adventure! The table takes up nearly the length of the spring house and we moved it over to one side so that there was access across the room and there is a place where Julie can sit and relax or even still throw down her yoga mat when she needs to stretch. Probably the best part of putting it all together was that WE did it! No men were involved. Thankfully I have a nice tool box from when I was rehabbing houses out in Washington and that really came in handy. Our BFF, Pam, helped with the initial table set up and then Julie and I did the rest. This project took roughly 8 hours start to finish. APQS charges $500 for setup but the rep suggested that Julie save the money and use it to buy fabric because it wasn't that big a deal to put together. OK - maybe if you have put one together several times taking it to quilt shows and the like it isn't a biggie. For us, it was a major undertaking and we are feeling really good about ourselves and our collective mechanical ability!

I am going over there shortly to put a quilt on the rollers and give it a whirl. Julie's class is tomorrow so she will need to know if it works before she goes! Gosh, I hope it works 'cause I don't want to have to take anything apart. I told her after we had it all together that she can never move or she would have to make the long arm a part of the deal!

I am determined to finish my ugly tablemat today and put the bindings on Emily's quilt. Hope you have a productive (or at least a fun) day!

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  1. good for you! my mom and i put together my Liberty and i totally agree about the manuals; it was awful!


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