Thursday, May 14, 2009


As promised, some photos! These are a couple other things I have sewn in the past week or so. I am totally in love with fabric baskets. This one is different 'cause I made it really tall. I have a couple of collections of fabric that I am now storing inside it.
From Quilty stuff

I made this large tote from a Quilts Illustrated pattern. I can't find the pattern at the moment to give any additional information but the designer is Penny Sturges and her patterns are clear, concise and so easy to follow. I love this bag! I used some Wuthering Heights (3 Sisters for Moda) charm squares and yardage that I have been hoarding.
From Quilty stuff

I really do want to sew this weekend but I also have a huge number of plants that I need to get into the ground...and I need to cut grass...and I need to bring in about 12 bags of mulch. Maybe I will sew in the early morning and then work in the yard later. Thankfully we are going to have very pleasant weather (in the 70s).

I am posting photos of my yard sale purchases from a couple of weeks ago on "My Little Nest" site. Oh, that's something else I wanted to do this weekend - hit a few yard sales. There just are not enough hours in the day!!


  1. It will be a sewing weekend for me as well.

    Love your bags....great work.

  2. Suzan,

    The bags looks great!

    You mentioned about not enough hours in the seems that way even though I am many things to do and new things to try. Defintely not a chance of me getting bored.

    Enjoy your weekend as you scurry around doing all you can.


  3. Nice Basket and bag! I just love the fabrics that you used in the bag!

  4. Isn't patchwork so much fun in a basket. I love them.


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