Friday, May 22, 2009

This is for Sara

Thanks for leaving your comment, Sara, however the email address I had for you won't connect and you are listed as "no reply" when you leave a comment.

About the fabric basket - I started with a tutorial on Pink Penguin. The first ones I made (about a year ago) I didn't patchwork the bottom. I just used whole cloth for the bottom and sides and made several small baskets. Once you have made the first one to get the hang of it, you can just change dimensions and do whatever size you like. I started doing the patchwork bottoms because I have all these lovely home dec sample fabrics and I wanted to make something with them. It would also be a great way to use up orphan quilt blocks or any scrap fabric. Just start sewing strips or squares together until you have created the dimension of fabric that you need and go from there.

Now I am thinking about making some for my linen closet to organize my sheets and towels. Wouldn't it be a treat to open the closet and see something pretty?! I am also going to make some for the top shelf in my bedroom closet where I keep my sweaters. Right now they are stacked on the wire shelving but it would be nice to have them enclosed in the fabric baskets. You can really just let your imagination run wild and get really creative!

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