Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uh oh...

I discovered another tote bag pattern. This one is also designed by Penny Sturgis (Quiltillustrated) and I LOVE her patterns. It is from a McCall's magazine issue and I absolutely love this bag! It is HUGE and would be perfect for a fabric shopping spree 'cause you can get a lot of fabric in this baby. I am thinking I will use mine when I go to the quilt show in Hershey this year. I am putting inside pockets in it to hold my wallet, cell phone, etc. so they don't get lost in the bag. You could use this as an overnight bag or carry-on bag or even throw groceries in it. Having said all of that, I found some errors in the pattern from the article. If you have done other of Penny's patterns, you will quickly discover that you don't need 6 identical pieces of fusible fleece. It should be 4. One for each piece of the outer bag and one for each piece of the lining. I think there was also an error in the bag handle information but I make my handles the way I like them just 'cause that's how I roll...

My charm pack didn't have enough squares but I had purchased some coordinating fabric so I just cut a couple of strips to size for the bottom. As soon as it it finished (I just need to put the lining into the bag) I will post a photo. I am seriously in love with this one.


  1. It is a great pattern. I've made several of them and my 16 year old daughter even made one that she takes on overnights! I have even tried the same pattern using smaller squares and made a great purse! Glad you love this one, too!

  2. I am seriously in LOVE with that bag as well....WONDERFUL.

    How do you do your handles? I am still learning...it is getting better though.

    That bag would be great for the once a year, 50% off sale at Fabric Hut in July...Just one day of utter madness.

  3. You make me a twin so we can find each other in Hershey! :o)

  4. You are really rolling these bags and baskets out! LOVE THEM ALL!

  5. Gorgeous bag! Dang me if I don't need another bag. I love black and white.

  6. That bag is really cute. I love the shape.


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