Monday, May 18, 2009

Scary wake up!

OK - so I wasn't really asleep. I had just gotten back into bed after a bathroom trip and grabbed a book to help me drift back off to sleep. Three pages later the smoke alarm started screaming. Now, when I say screaming, I am not just kidding around. It has the most obnoxious screech imaginable. I jumped up in a total panic and started looking for my glasses. (I don't wear glasses to read in bed.) I ran downstairs and it stopped. OK, so I ran back upstairs and it started again briefly and stopped. I saw the little red light on the one in my bedroom was flashing so I knew it was the culprit. I noticed that my ceiling fan was on. I don't know when that happened. Maybe I turned it on when I went into the bathroom. At any rate, I turned it off and the alarm stopped sounding. Here's the dilemma - is it just dust on the ceiling fan or is there something wrong with the motor on the ceiling fan and I just can't smell anything because it is a 12' foot ceiling and heat and stuff like that rises?

My next thought was that if I had to call the fire department, I needed to straighten up my bedroom. It wasn't disgusting but I had not put away my clean clothing and just plopped them down on top of my blanket chest. And I needed to empty the little waste basket. And I really could stand to dust. And shouldn't I make up the bed? So, at 3am, I did all of that. Then I thought, what if the firemen have to come and then they search the whole house just to be sure everything is ok? This means they would have to go up into the studio.

I have told y'all that I have been sewing like a crazy woman. That means that the studio looks like bomb went off in there. Seriously.

I worked on it for an hour and I made a dent. Most of the yardage is back where it belongs. You can actually see the carpet now under my chair. The cutting table is now stacked with bits and pieces of fabric and interfacing. I have a stack of patterns and instructions on a corner of my other sewing table. It is still a disaster area but I am hoping my call to FEMA for funds to have someone come in here and give it a good cleaning works out.


  1. Oh, my! I have finally met someone who thinks like ME!

    I'm glad you are ok, and that probabaly, your alarm just needs a new battery and the dust blown out of it.

    But it doesn't sound like you got ANY sleep. Don't ya just hate nights like that?

    Have a good day, and try to stay awake!
    be blessed,

  2. LOL......we're opposites I guess, I would have never done that in the middle of the night, nor day. I've always heard "a clean house is a sign of bordem". haha

  3. Suzan, you are a riot..this goes along with the old saying of having on clean underwear when you are in a car accident...just wanting to be prepared with what ever happends

  4. That was funny!
    Thanks for the giggles this morning!

  5. Too funny! Good thing it was dark or you may have determined your lawn needed mowing too... wanting to make a good first impression, of course, when those firemen arrived :D

  6. You are too funny! When we built our house 30 years ago, the contractor installed a wired smoke detector on an inside wall. Unfortunately, that wall also went up into the attic and the wall was not insulated. When it got really cold up there, of course cold air sinks, and the inside wall would get cold. That in turn made the contacts in the smoke detector shrink and it would go off in erratic little bursts. We eventually installed battery operated ones and disconnected the wired one. Too many sleepless nights!

  7. I just had to laugh reading this! I'm sure that scared you too death when that thing went off, but then you cleaned! :) So funny!

  8. Glad it was just a false alarm but I've worked with firemen and trust me, they've seen a lot worse than an unmade bed and a messy sewing room! You have a lot more energy in the middle of the night than I do - lol.

  9. Thank goodness it was a false alarm! I laughed out loud at your "panic cleaning". I guess that's kind of like making sure the house is wearing nice underwear in case there's an accident. Although, I really don't think the fire personnel would notice anything in the house unless there was smoke coming from it.

  10. I would have reacted just the same! I bet the battery is going..that would be an easy fix, let's hope for that!!

  11. Hahaha, hehehe, LOL!! I can see you now cleaning your place in case of a fire, I know it wasn't funny at the time, but it is now (at least to me!! ) luv ya DIL


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