Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's not easy to treasure hunt in the rain!

The yard sale adventure with my sister was not a complete bust, however, it started at 7 and we were back at my house around 9. I am looking specifically for old plates, platters, tea cups, etc. I have also been looking for something substantial to put under my enormous television. My son bought a fancy, shmancy HD flat panel television and gave me his 32". Because it has a glass tube and is so large, it weighs 182lbs. I kid you not! I have had it sitting on an antique washstand since I got it. My mother has been terrified that the washstand would collapse under the weight, fall and crush anything in its path to the floor. As we were driving through a neighborhood I saw a treadle sewing machine...or I thought it was a treadle until we got up close and I saw the sewing machine was gone but the base and cabinet had been turned into a table. The table top was large enough for the heaviest part of the TV and I figured wrought iron legs should hold up pretty well. Here it is under the television
From Little Nest
I know the stereo crap under it is atrocious and how DO you hide all those cables? (Another project will be taking the middle shelf out of the washstand and cutting into the back to hide the stereo.) I picked up a couple of other things but this was the best find. A REAL television stand would set me back a couple of hundred dollars. My reclaimed treadle base was only $10....SCORE!!

I only managed to get 2 more rows sewn on the quilt top. Much gnashing of teeth as I matched up seams so I started cutting fabric for another bag. I am SO easily distracted!! Doesn't this look yummy?
From Quilty stuff
I am going to force myself to get another row or two on the quilt today and then play with other fabric for a while.

It's my sister's turn to have my parents over for Father's Day dinner so this evening the rest of us will arrive for dessert and gifts. That will be my only foray out of the house today, I think. Looks like rain again. I am not complaining. I love rain and the cool weather. Beats the heck out of hot and humid!!


  1. A treadle base! How cool is that?!!! How would I hide wires? I would pull the wires over to one of the legs, and use black cable zip ties to secure the wires to the wrought iron. I would also move the treadle foot plate (what you move with your feet)so that it is somewhere level, then secure that to a leg with a wire tie, and set your stereo right on top of that if your stereo isn't too tall. Just my thoughts.

    I LOVE your fabric combination. You are right...YUMMY!!!! (You know, I never used to like orange, and now I love it, but it does not fit into my house, or my standard color preferencce. What is wrong with me????

    Have a wonderful day. It is supposed to rain here too. Guess I better get Louie out of bed to check the gutter soon, or he'll be doing it in the rain!
    be blessed!

  2. I got nuthin' on the wire connundrum. I hate them too but haven't figured out what to do with them. Around my husband's computer desk is a wire mess that I have been trying for years to tame. Thank goodness we have a closed tv cabinet with a power strip in it; the only thing entering the cabinet is the cable wire and the only things exiting are the cord for the power strip and two speaker wires. Well, that IS an idea, after all!. Mount a surge supressor/power strip inside the wash stand if it comes back as a tv cabinet. It helps somewhat.

  3. Love the colors on your quilt top!

    p.s. I did send a reply to your BSR question. Just want to let you know in case it ends up in your spam folder.

  4. We have one of those horrific big heavy TVs in our bedroom. We don't watch it ever. I'm too busy and my husband doesn't care. So its been there for years and now we can't imagine dragging it down the stairs to get rid of it. It works. But who would want it?

  5. That fabric is GORGEOUS! How about putting a 'skirt' around your treadle base or would that be too girly? What a great find.


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