Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This isn't the first time

and it certainly won't be the last! I will be taking lots of breaks between postings. I have been working like crazy - at the office - and I am just about worn out.

Every day I am attempting to get just a little bit more of my bed quilt pieced together. I have a lot of other UFOs but this quilt really needs to be finished. The quilt on my bed now is starting to fall apart. I bought it when I lived near Seattle and I have loved it since I first put it on my bed. Grace sleeps on it every day after I leave for work so it needs to be washed often. The washing has taken it's toll!

Hopefully things will slow down a bit at the office (until the next acquisition in July!) and I can get back into the studio seriously. Thanks for reading. Photos next time!!


  1. May 26 to June 3 isn't a gap, it's just taking a breather! You deal with life, and we'll be here when you have time. I especially want to see the bed quilt. You're right about laundering being the death of a store bought quilt, one that may not have been as sturdily assembled and quilted as our home made ones. I think a quilt you make will stand up to the use far better.

  2. Suzan,

    Don't work too hard! I am looking forward to see pictures of your bed quilt, and the tote!


  3. I hear ya Suzan. My google reader is so fat I can't put a dent in it and I have tons of email. Hard to fit everything in and have a balanced life all the time, isn't it.


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