Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best day off – EVER!

I spent the entire day with my sister yesterday.  We headed out without much of an agenda, just a couple of thoughts about places we might like to go.  She has the cutest car/truck thingy.Photos 3 545Now picture two “50 something” women, laughing their heads off and zipping down the highway.  That was us yesterday.  We drove all over Lebanon and Lancaster counties.  We first hit a quilt shop not too far from my house.  I needed some lining fabrics and since they have great flat fold prices I knew exactly what I wanted.  Next we stopped the Salvation Army in Lebanon just to see if there was anything interesting.  Then we drove over to Brickerville for lunch and my favorite quilt shop.  In Intercourse (wonder how many hits I will see on my blog this week!) we went to a small quilt museum that is also a quilt shop where I found some batiks that I had not seen before and several ended up in my collection!  Our last stop was a very nice little shop in Bird in Hand.  We finally headed home around 4:30. 

All this and my cell phone didn’t ring one time.  It was a fabulous day.  Thanks, Sissy Wickens, for a wonderful time that will be one of my memory days forever!


  1. What fun! It is always wonderful to spend a fun day with a sister.
    I love her car/truck thingy!
    be blessed,

  2. I bet you two looked like the modern day Thelma and Louise! I agree, its a good day when your cell phone doesn't ring!!

  3. How cool!! A day trip is always outta sight! :)

    And I think I read about Intercourse in a book sometime. Of course, it could have been the Bubbles in Trouble series and not an Amish book, but it was still good for laughs! :)

  4. What a great way to spend the day!!! Fabric, quilts, a sister, and the top down!!!

  5. I love sister fun!!! My sister and I went to a quilt show not so long ago. Cute car!!!!

  6. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day! I hope you realize how lucky you are living in that wonderful area for quilters! I love your sister's car/truck - they are so retro looking and what a great colour!

  7. I bet you looked awesome in that vehicle! Man, is that cool or what? Sounds like a great day!


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