Monday, July 6, 2009


I have a heck of a backache but my studio is cleaned and organized.  


Fat quarters are stored by color in the little boxes on the left side of the shelving.  Most of that white/neutral looking stuff on the bottom left shelf is batting scraps that are of fairly significant size.  I have my new little machine set up at the left of the cutting table.  I am going shopping today to pick up clamp on lights that I will install along the wire shelving.  With only one window and a central ceiling fan light, there just isn’t enough light in the room.

IMG_7079         (Note the vintage ironing board…it was my grandmother’s and weighs a ton!)

Jenny sits on my sewing desk.  It has a leaf that pops up but I have it down unless I am quilting.  Behind my chair is an antique washstand and tucked into the corner is a small beverage cooler.  I am giving that to a friend.  It isn’t worth the extra expense of running another refrigerator just so I don’t have to go down two flights of stairs for a Diet Coke!  When that leaves, the white wicker dresser on the right will move to the other side of the eave door and the washstand will move to where the wicker chest sits now.


I really would like to get a better futon or daybed for the studio for guests but this will have to do for now.  The railing behind the futon is where I hang all of my quilt tops until I get them quilted. 

The photos were taken from left to right while I was standing in front of the computer workstation.  I have a large L shaped computer desk in the corner at the top of the stairs.  It takes up a lot of valuable space in the room but I had no where else to put it that was large enough to accommodate all of my stuff!   Here’s a photo of that area


I have the luxury of being able to work at home some days so it is nice to have the computer and all the peripherals in the same room as the sewing machine. 

So there it is…Hazelnut Hill creative center.  I know, strange name since I don’t live on a hill and there isn’t a hazelnut to be found anywhere nearby!  That was the name of my basket making company when I lived near Seattle on what had been a hazelnut farm at one time.  I love where I lived and I love the name so that’s what my Etsy shop will be called.  (As soon as I get myself in gear and get it set up!!)


  1. Great set up!!! You did a fabulous job on the organization as well.

    I know how happy you must feel. The perfect little hideaway.

  2. It looks great!!! Now, isn't it nice to be all cleaned up and organized?

  3. Mission Accomplished!!!

    Looks fintastic.

    You mentioned your heavy ironing board...I am using the one I got from first marriage (early 60's), It has been painted and no telling how many new pads I have put on it. The heaviness is what I like about it.

    Enjoy your week!

  4. It looks wonderful, comfortable, and inviting. A very cozy retreat. I can just imagine how wonderful it sounds up there on a rainy day. I would feel like I was in Heaven!
    I love Hazelnut Hill!
    Be blessed,

  5. Oh I love it!! Nice and cozy.

    Have fun!

  6. what a wonderful space! looks great Suzan

  7. Can't wait to visit Hazelnut Hill - both on etsy and in person!! :-)

    Looks wonderful!

  8. Oooo! Now you can come clean up/set up my sewing room *g*

  9. I love your studio, will you come and organize mine?


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