Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's hot up here!

My granddaughter is here for a week so I took my little sewing machine back up to the studio. I am attempting to work up there every morning so that I can get a few more bags done in a hurry. If you read my "Nest" blog, you will know that I have some unexpected expenses. (Three bags will pay for a plumber.)

Good thing I am up here early in the morning because after 9, this room turns into a sweat box. I have ceiling fan and a fan in the window to exhaust the hot air. You KNOW it is hot when your eyes burn because the sweat is running into them. (How's that for graphic?!?) Seriously, would it have killed the former owner to install duct work when he COMPLETELY reframed the house? A little central air conditioning would go a long way towards making me a much happier woman.

Sorry. I will now quit moaning and groaning. I love having Ms. Em here. We have done manicures, pedicures, make overs, weeded the garden, spray painted wicker chairs for the front porch, gone to the library, gone to the park and that was all in the first 2 days! I am thinking the museum would be a good place to visit today (since they have air conditioning) and then maybe out for dinner tonight. Tomorrow is the pool and then the movies. Every morning Em is taking a sewing class so we have not sewn anything together yet. My sister pre-cut all the fabric and gave her a Happy Jack quilt pattern for Christmas so we still need to put that together. So much to do and so little time.

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are!


  1. Building those memories with your granddaughter - so wonderful.

  2. Enjoy your time with her...what a special time in both her life and in yours!!!

  3. Hooray for making your granddaughter's stay a memorable one!! Boo for the hot attic! I moved my sewing area to the first level temporarily because I haven't been getting good circulation on the second floor. Last year was fine and this year is awful despite the cool summer so far. Argh!! Good luck!

  4. What a great time you are having.
    I would send som ecool air over but unfortunately it would include rain and I don't think you'll wantthat will you?

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. I can empathize about the heat..... last summer when the central air unit died, sewing was not high on the list when it got really hot.... and we are in a ranch.

    But on the plus side, you get to spend time with your granddaughter...... so I think you won.

  6. I'm sorry about the heat, but what fun you and your grand daughter are having! She will remember this time for the rest of her life. They grow up so fast...enjoy every second!
    be blessed,

  7. I'm afraid that even if the sewing room were air conditioned, the cold air would just flow down the stairs to the rest of the house and not help much. You would have to have a return vent upstairs too to keep the cooled air recirculating where you needed it. My mom's upstairs sewing room is completely impossible in the summer too - been there, tried to do that. Have you considered one of those new through-wall a/c units? Like putting in a window unit but quieter and you don't lose the light from a window. One part on the inside of the wall, the other part outside, and no ducts.

  8. Oh Suzan, isn't summer hectic! Hot and hectic. Two H words. I'm with you.


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