Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 1 – 4th of July weekend

You know those plans I had for studio organization?  Well, not just yet.  I sewed a couple of bags and made a tiny dent in the disarray but mostly I looked at the mess and felt totally overwhelmed.  This morning I WILL go into the eaves and start moving stuff around and I WILL organize the shelves.  Sometimes tasks just look so big and even knowing that solving the problem by attacking it in small bursts of energy is good methodology, I still have difficulty taking the first step.  Does that ever happen to you?

I need to be more realistic about scraps and scrap organization.  It is very difficult for me to throw away fabric.  Even though I KNOW I will never use 2-1/2” pieces because sewing little pieces of fabric makes me crazy, I keep throwing little strips and squares and bricks into a box.  (2-1/2” strips are different.  I like working with strips of fabric.)  Should I even bother saving them for someone else?  If I don’t I will feel badly and if I do, when do I finally get rid of them?

Nicole (Sister’s Choice) got rid of scraps once by blogging that she was willing to give away a large basket of them to anyone that wanted them.  Y’all want some of these?  I have Moda, P&B Textiles, Red Rooster, Kaufmann, Maywood Studios, etc.  I can’t guarantee what will be in the box but there would be a lot of whatever it is!  Leave a comment if you are interested.  If you are a “no reply” commenter, leave some way for me to get in touch with you.  I will do the random number generator thingy if there is any interest at all!

It is now 5:45am and I am heading into the eaves of the attic.  In the words of General McArthur, “I shall return!”


  1. Hi Suzan,
    I have a quilting friend who does a lot of wall hanging applique and scrappy quilts. She also does lots of linus quilts, and makes projects to sell, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. We all (our quilting group) save scraps for her, even the littlest pieces which she uses. With wall hangings, the applique pieces, sometimes just need to be the littlest tiniest piece. Every now and then, she will bring a quilt or project to show us that she has made, and we will all say,'Hey, I recognize that piece of fabric!'

    I would love it if you would consider me with your scraps. I would be more than happy to pay shipping so there is no out of pocket expense to you. After all, you would be sacrificing precious fabric.

    Good luck with your reorganization. I know sometimes getting started is the most difficult task, but the finish is so worth it, and makes you feel so good!

    Be blessed,

  2. Oh I love scraps ... I'm a charity quilter. Hope you'll be able to send some my way. Thanks.

    I reorganized last January ... took me over a week. I'm still pretty clean and organized.

  3. After I get myself organized I feel so much better and seems easier to for me to finish a project. I love to applique and would love to have some of your scrap fabric. I know what you mean about throwing it away....I have done that and then thought "Kathy, what were you thinking?" and got it right back out. LOL Good luck with your organizing and thanks for sharing your inspirations!!! As a novice to the blogging world, I really really enjoy seeing everyones work. :)

  4. Hi Suzan
    as you know I do a lot of charity quilts ,I'd appreciate your scraps , you use such beautiful fabric it would be a joy to use them . .I to would be willing to pay the postage .

  5. Scraps? Heck yeah!!!! Count me in!!!

  6. Ummm...hello....I would be very scrap happy to take them off your hands!!!

    Very. Happy.

    Hang in there and the fun in our design rooms is that they are ours...Get it down, when it gets down and do not stress.

  7. Oh I'm SO on the same page with being overwhelmed! I actually did something yesterday I had been putting off for MONTHS. I fuse the last 3 tshirts of a COMMISSION quilt! OH MY! Today I get to trim them up and cut sashing. Just remember my favorite phrase for the month : How do you eat an elephant? ONE BITE AT A TIME! Set the timer and MAKE yourself work for just 15 mins. I bet at the end, you will be into it a bit more and won't want to stop! Happy 4th!

  8. I have a scrap project I want to try :)

  9. Scraps. Yes, please count me in.

  10. Count me in on the scraps too. I have been really good about using what I have lately and I find myself low on stash for the charity quilts I have been making here and there.

  11. I'd be tickled pink (or red, white and blue as the case may be) to be the recipient of your scraps. I'd share them with my friend Turbo, scrap quilter of the highest quality. And I'd try to meet you at Sauder's for the hand-off!

  12. I keep all my scraps from everything and have a ever-so-slow coming along scrap lap quilt i am hand stitching from Amy Butler day I will finish it!


  13. Man!!! I thought I might be the only one in for the scraps! ha!!

    I'm taking Bonnie Hunter's class for crumbs in August and I know that good scraps will be used. I also have a few gal pals that are taking it and we would all love scraps....

    Would it help if I sent some patterns in exchange??? he he he

  14. Oooohhhh, scraps. I swoon for scraps. I look at carefully chosen fabrics in other people's quilts with awe, but nearly all my work is, shall we say, improvisational. I admire your discipline in getting your space organized.


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