Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adventure Saturday

I know, I know...I should be sewing, however, today is the last day of the little shop hop and I want to win one of the prize baskets! We are going to a shop that is new to me. It is in Morgantown and called "The Hayloft". I heard that it used to carry lower end quilt fabric but it has been revamped and they carry the "good" stuff now. I also know that they have reasonable prices and that is always a good thing! Out in Morgantown they have something called MOM. I think it stands for Morgantown Outlet Mall. There is a fabric store in there that has home dec fabric at crazy reduced prices. I don't know if they have end lots, overstocks, seconds or whatever. All I know is that local decorators pick up Waverly fabric there for about $8 a yard and charge their customers the going rate - roughly $30 a yard. I am looking for toile for my kitchen windows and something pretty for the little chair in my living room that I want to re-upholster. I don't know what else is in that mall but you can be sure I will be poking around! After that I think we are going to zip over to my favorite used furniture store in Ephrata (Garden Spot) and then our last stop will be at Weaver's Dry Goods near Brickerville. I love Weaver's. They carry new fabric but also have lots of fabric left from a couple of years ago. (They still have 2 partial bolts of Vienna Nights on their shelves! If you are still looking for some Peace on Earth or Roman Holiday, they have it.) I have been playing with the idea of making myself a Christmas quilt this year. I have some fabrics already but want to add more to the mix. I love that I can buy different lines of 3 Sisters fabrics and since they often have the same color palette, they all play together so nicely!

Tomorrow is quilting with S4 but I am begging off this time. I really need to seriously dedicate some time to purses. If I can finish 10 by the end of the weekend, I will be a happy girl!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!!


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm I am going to have to get directions to Weaver's... haven't been there yet.


  2. Morgantown???? where?

    There's a Morgantown 2hrs from me.

  3. Oooooo...have fun and can not wait to see what you find on your outing!!

  4. Did you enjoy the hayloft? I was there for the first time last year.


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