Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here’s what I saw on Tuesday

Turns out that without a software package I cannot download photos directly to my computer from my phone.  I also cannot send photos directly to my email.  So…I emailed my photos to my friend’s iPhone and then she forwarded them to my email.  After all that, I only have one that I want to show you.  This is what Fabric Mart looked like when I walked in on Tuesday morning.  photo4

All the fabric down the center of the shop is the 3.99 fabric.  There is even more to the right, two more tables behind me and all the way at the end and around the corner are the jelly rolls and layer cakes.  See, THIS is why I stood there with tears in my eyes!


  1. I would have been in there for hours!!! Wait, maybe wouldn't have been pretty. Did you go back?

  2. why did you show that...WHY!!! Now I have to go and get me a slobber rag!!

  3. Ok, i'm gonna need directions to this one LOL

    Looks soooooo good!!!

  4. Wow.

    I went to their website and THAT was a big mistake because I started looking at all the fashion fabrics and now I want to sew clothes again. I am only dissuaded because the fabrics I loved the most were harris tweed and cashmere, and it's too hot here in the southeast to wear those, even in the winter. I'm safe for now.


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