Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sewing for fun

I know I should be working on purses but I need to do something different!  I purchased some autumnal looking fabric yesterday when we were out doing the little quilt shop hop. (Little because there are only 4 quilt shops participating in this one.)  My mother commented a couple of weeks ago that she would like a “fall” table runner for the hutch in her dining room.  I have a super easy, super quick pattern that I am going to do for her today. 

I have been watching the videos on Leah Day’s blog.  This gal is amazing and has so many helpful hints.  Please go look.  She is trying to do a different free motion quilting filler every day and there are videos to watch her do the stitching.  How she manages to talk and sew like she does is a mystery to me.  I can barely BREATHE and free motion! 

Here’s another link I would like to share.  I LOVE this woman!  Kim makes me laugh, makes me think and makes me cry.  She is a fellow Episcopalian on a spiritual journey that is both heartwarming and heartfelt.  She creates beautiful quilts.  Her eye for color and design is unique and I love seeing what she is creating.  Pop over and see.

OK – time to start yakking about sewing and actually do it!


  1. I might be doing some sewing today or brain hasn't decided yet..go see the cute lil ghost I painted last's on my blog...tell me what you think.

    I will go check out those links...thanks for sharing them!!

    Now..get to work and then come back and share...I want to see.

  2. Kim's blog is delightful. Thank you for pointing me in that direction.

    Have fun today sewing for your mom, and quit feeling guilty about not sewing purses. You don't want to get burned out.

    Where are you selling these beautiful purses so we all can see?
    be blessed,

  3. Thank you so much for the blog recommendations. I have just fallen in love with Kim's due to you. (Apparently Lutherans and Episcopalians have the same taste. LOL) I appreciate anything that helps me feel even closer to God. Thanks again, Suzan.

  4. Holy crap, I'm SO feeling the love today, thank you! (Uh, is "holy crap" an acceptable phrase for a demure Christian lady?)

    Anyway, thank you for love, I'm feeling a bit needy tonight. I sent my quilt away and it feels kinda like sending a kid off to summer camp - you're glad to see them go but worry that no one will take the kind of care of them that you would...

  5. Thanks for the blogs! I have really been enjoying the FMQ blog. I hope to try one on something soon! :)


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