Monday, March 15, 2010

I couldn't wait!

Just a quick post but I am so excited about this darn thing!  I just designed a diaper bag and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  It is roomy, has pockets with gussets, a flat pocket for diapers or a wipes case, lots of snap closures, a "Binky" bag and a changing mat.  Isn't it darling and don't you just LOVE the fabric?!  (Best part - sold, sight unseen!!)

OK - I will stop patting my back now...


  1. Suzan,

    You should be quite proud of your latest reason as to why diaper bags can not be stylish and yet full of function too....looks like you covered both aspects quite well.

    Bet you get orders for many more.

  2. You should be bragging about this. It's fantastic!

  3. Very stylish!! One of those bags that will be great for diapers, and then for other things as the baby grows up!!! Looks like it may even be washable??!! And lovely fabric choices!!!

  4. A lot of back patting is warranted with this beautiful bag. Love the fabric. Love the idea.

    (Hmnnnn...Who do I know that needs one of these? thinking..thinking)

  5. Now that is one nice looking diaper bag, very the pattern to sell?


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