Monday, March 8, 2010

Good weekend

Hope your weekend was as nice as mine!  The weather was lovely and it felt so good to get outside for a bit.  So good that I washed my front door!  (White door, winter grime – need I say more?)  I finished my parent’s taxes, cleaned house and yesterday the women in S4 came to my house for our monthly gathering.  I made broccoli cheese soup and the rest of my cooking team brought a layered salad, bread from Stoudt’s Brewery and an apple cake with a rum glaze for dessert.  Good eating!

I also finished Andrew’s little quilt and my dear quilty sister, Julie, sewed the binding down for me. 



No fancy quilting, just a big meander.  It washed up all crinkly and old looking.  In other words, perfect!  It will be in the mail today.  I don’t know if they can put it in with him but I double rinsed it (no fabric softener) so it is definitely baby ready!

I have not been doing too much in the studio.  After finishing Drew’s quilt I have a hankering to sew.  I am going to make up a laptop sleeve prototype and see how it goes.  One of the women in my office needs it and she will “test” my design for usability.  I have also been looking at some scraps in my stash that I think will make a nice, small table topper.  I need more “spring” in my decor!

Have a great day!


  1. How's the wee one doing? Gaining and thriving on all that good family love and prayers, I hope. Lovely quilt! I like the crinkly ones!


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