Monday, October 11, 2010


I absolutely feel so terrible about having to delete "no reply" entries for the Fall into Fall but I have to do it!  Please, please - if you are not sure about your status do this:

Go to your Dashboard
Go to "Edit Profile"
See "Share My Profile"? -  check that box
Now under "Show My Email Address" - check that box

Now when you leave a comment, when someone clicks on your name they will be able to find your email address.  If you really don't want your email to appear with your profile, please at least leave your email address with your comment.

I have now deleted 6 comments and there will be more as I go back through.  If you are a "no reply" person, please comment again and I will gladly add you back to the list!

1 comment:

  1. can you not leave a comment on their blog? i know mine are recorded under comments that i check regularly during ea day as well as they are emailed to me, so the entrant would rcv your message.. i find this a rather harsh response and unnecessary which is all thruout this giveaway - [not just yours :)]
    in face that's how i've rcvd my winning notices every time ! up til this contest :) then last nite i just sat for hrs and went thru the entire list to comment the change in status to make sure i WASN't deleted - but unnecessary really... thx for hearing me out:) blessings on you for having a lovely giveaway & opp to meet you!!


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