Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy weekend

I have been a sewing fool for the last few days.  I had some Halloween fat quarters that were part of a bundle I picked up at Joann's a couple of years ago.  (They are ugly but were on clearance for practically no money so I HAD to buy them!)  I used the to throw together a couple of quick "boo!" bags for my great-nieces.  The following photo was taken spur of the moment when I dropped them off at their house on Friday evening.

I think they turned out cute and put together with the "boo!" fabric the ugly stuff doesn't look nearly as bad.  I did hate parting with the lining fabric.  It is also a Halloween themed stripe from a Moda collection.

On Saturday I made two baby quilts while watching movies from Netflix on my computer.  (I honestly think I am almost ready to give up cable tv!)

This one is made from a charm pack that I picked up at the quilt show in Hershey a couple of months ago.  I love the bright colors and this one definitely says "boy" to me.

I wanted to make a baby girl quilt and found these fabrics on my lunch break Friday.  I used 6 different fabrics and will find a pale lavender for the outside border.  I can't wait to quilt this using more of the wool batting.  (I love that stuff!!)

Yesterday I had a big time in the studio.  I made two purses and I am in love.  Seriously.  These were so much fun to make.  Once I figured out angles and the little details, they came together beautifully.  The bag made with "Metro" measures about 7" high and 16" long.  The smaller bag is 14" x 8".  The small bag is made from a couple of fat quarters I got in a basket of winnings from a quilt shop hop a couple of years ago.  I never thought I would use them as they are "not my colors" but love them in the purse.

I love weekends when I feel productive.  I even cleaned house and worked for a bit in the garden!

Now, I need some advice/information.  I have not made Drew a quilt since he was in the NICU.  That quilt was so tiny!  I need to make one for his crib and I picked up this piece of Minkee as a remnant.

I have never quilted with Minkee.  I have sewn it but no quilting.  I know I want to pre-wash my quilt top fabrics since the Minkee is made from polyester and won't shrink.  I was thinking about using flannel for the quilt top with just a single piece of flannel as the batting so the quilt won't be heavy.  Or, I could make the quilt top with cotton and use a regular batting.  I don't know what to do!  I am also thinking I should longarm it so the tension on the fabrics remains constant while I am quilting.  Does anyone have any advice?


  1. WOW! You have been a busy girl :) Your projects have all come out beautifully - especially the baby girl quilt. So sweet!! Keep up the good work. LOL

  2. I bet the smoke was coming thru the roof at your household with all the work you turned out...your wheels were really going at full speed. The small purses are so deserve a championship ribbon on them.

    Have a wonderful week.!

  3. Wow! You did have a productive weekend! Love your purses, they look very classy! I have only quilted with Minkee once. I was really nervous, this was a customer quilt. A regular pieced top with HIGH-LOFT poly batting and Minkee backing! It was soooo thick! It turned out fine in the end and didn't stretch too much. But I have heard that some people hate quilting with it. The only problem that I found is that I had to clean my dust my bobbin area out after every pass but this was a KING size quilt. It was very linty.

  4. Holy cow! You've been a busy gal. LOVE the bags and purses. Especially like the long and narrow one, been thinking of making one that shape, now I've just GOT to. So dang cute!

  5. Wow! You've been busy this weekend. I can't believe all the new things you got made. I haven't quilted with minkee, but I've heard it stretches and some people have trouble with skipped stitches depending on tension/needle/thread they are using. Good luck. I'm sure he's ready for a new quilt.


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