Monday, October 18, 2010

Little tip

Have you been following a blog and decided that you don't want to follow any longer?  Wanna know how to stop?

Sign in and go to your Dashboard.  Go all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see your Reading List.  See the tab marked "Blogs I'm Following"? Go to the bottom and click on "Manage".  The next screen will list all the blogs you are following.  Find the one you want to quit and all the way to the right choose "Settings".  The next screen will give you information about the blog you are following and printed out in blue is "Stop following this site".  Click on that and you will be given the option to stop following or cancel. 

There you go!


  1. but, you are not going to stop following me...are you? I have low blog self esteem right now.

    No, seriously, I do.


  2. Maybe you will have some help for me. I've got one site I have tried to stop following--more posts than I'd like--8-15 per day. I've used this method at least 30 times. Any ideas to get rid of those really stubborn ones? :o>

  3. I've only ever stopped following one blog and it was for the same reason Marci said. Thank goodness it worked for me the first time.

  4. I need to clean up my reading list, some bloggers haven't posted in months....I think I need to let those go. AND I'm with you gals on the 100 post a day people...jeeze!! if you want to post that often join facebook...just sayin'...okay, now I'll go back into my corner!

  5. Why would I not want to follow you any more? I know sometimes I come by and not comment but I enjoy your blog....truly!


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