Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fusible thread

I finally got around to using the fusible thread.  Thanks to everyone for reminding me that I bought it to hold binding in place for machine binding.  In case you are curious as to how I used it, here is a mini-tutorial (or at least my version of one!)

First I attached the binding to the front of the quilt in the in usual manner

I loaded the fusible thread in my bobbin and, again from the top side of the quilt, did a wide zig-zag stitch all around the edge of the quilt.  Flipped onto the back side it looked like this

I flipped the binding from the front to the back and ironed it in place.

It fused down easily and then I turned it back over to the front side so that I could stitch in the ditch

After stitching all the way around, this is the back of the quilt

I would not use this finish if I were selling a quilted piece but for a personal table runner, quilt or charity quilt, it is a nice finish.  Because I didn't use any pins, the stitching on the back is even and straight.  One note, my machine did not like the fusible thread coming down through the thread path into the needle.  Loaded in the bobbin, it worked perfectly.


  1. That looks like it turned out very nicely. I have never used that thread before.

  2. Aha! Now I get it- zigzag-ing the seam gives it something to grip- thanks for the tutorial- it all makes sense!

  3. Thanks for that information. Now I can use up the 3 reels I've had forever, and never knew what they would be useful for!

  4. Thank you so much for showing us how you used the fusible thread. I was wondering. I have never used it before. It turned out great!!!! LOVE the fabrics and your photos are...well, AMAZING!!!

    Hope you have a great week. Thought about you when I was down on the waterfront this weekend. You would have LOVED it!

  5. How interesting! I have never heard of fusible thread... thanks for the tutorial. I will have to try it sometime... I'd bet it is a time saver.


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