Monday, October 11, 2010

Just wondering

Does anyone have any idea why I purchased this?

I was digging through a box of fabric (shocking!) and found an unopened bag.  In it was this, some twill tape and a few fat quarters.  I know I bought it for a specific purpose.  I just can't remember what the heck it was!

I have been working every day in the studio.  I have so many projects to finish before the holidays (and for the love of Pete, will everyone please stop telling me how few days there are until Christmas?!?) so I get up between 3 and 3:30 every morning and work until it is time to get ready for work.  I love the extra hours on the weekends but I also need some time to play so I made time this past weekend and spent it with my quilty sister.  No more lazy weekends until after November 15th!

I just "discovered" fabric roses.  I have seen many tutorials and finally got around to making my first one just a few hours ago.

Pretty, huh?  I used a strip from a jelly roll, folded it in half lengthwise and then gathered the raw edge.  I just scrunched up a bit in the center and then started rolling and taking random stitches along the bottom to hold it all together.  I had a piece in mind when I made it.  I used it to take this perfectly nice, ordinary purse and make it a little "special".

That may (or may not) be the final placement.  I really like the deep red against the black and white fabric.  As I look at in the photo, I am not crazy about the pocket running smack up against the bottom fabric.  This may call for a revision.  What do you think?

(Fall into Fall link is still up!)


  1. I bought some fusible thread after reading about using it for "basting" binding down prior to the final stitching to the quilt. I haven't actually tried it yet and now that you brought up the subject, realize that I have no idea where it is!
    My opinion about the pocket placement- not liking it so much myself. The bag is beautiful, though, and I love the flower!

  2. Yes, the red against the black/white is a perfect combination. In the deep parts of my mind I have thinking about making a rose...seeing the one you made inspires to give it a whirl.

  3. The fusible thread could have been to use when you do would hold the folded binding while you hand stitch it

  4. the bag looks great as the rose

  5. Yep, tons of little "things" the bag!

  6. I just LOVE the bag. The rose does play nicely with the black and white fabric. Very Classy and VBish.

    I have done that numerous times...bought something and then not known what it was for...but the fusible thread...I would love to work with that. I can that of many uses for it.

    I am so happy to be back...I will never leave again. Not ever.

  7. I think the bag looks lovely as it is, the rose really sets it off.

  8. Fusible thread + binding = happy face!

  9. This is a trick question, right? You've made this fusible thread thing up, haven't you?! I've never seen fusible thread over here!

    After reading the replies you've had, I can see that fusible thread is not something I would buy/use, I don't even pin my binding let alone baste it! You baste it, using your machine? And then stitch it? I'm confused!

    The red flower looks great on the black and white. I would probably move the pocket up a little bit so that the blaoc/white fabric peeps in between. But I'd probably lay a strip of the black/white fabric along the bottom of the pocket to see what it looks like before I started frogging anything. Too many times I've frogged something and then changed my mind and gone back to my original idea!


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