Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Accomplishments

I wish I had accomplished more but I went out to dinner, had two glasses of wine and then came home to sew.  Needless to say, my eyes were slapping shut long before I finished everything on my list!  (And that is also the reason why I am posting this on SATURDAY morning instead of Friday night.)

I am loving the free motion quilting on the batik strip bag.  I think I will look for a pretty button today to finish the front though I am also thinking about a small tassel.  The bag is only about 7" square and roughly an inch deep so it is perfect for a quick shopping trip.  The closure is a simple dot of Velcro.  The cording is long enough to cross over the shoulder.  This was the first time I have put in a small grommet.  I love banging stuff with a hammer so that was fun!

The Christmas theme bag is just a simple tote.  I have one that I made for myself last year that I use all during the Christmas holiday.  I have a couple of inside pockets in it but there is no closure.  I like it for toting my lunch or books.

The baby quilt is curve line quilted and then free motion loops in the border.  I still have to bind it but that will happen tonight while I watch TV.

I have so much to do today and still have to manage a shopping trip to pick up more fusible batting.  The open house is tomorrow afternoon.  Thankfully I have the support of my mom and quilty sister who are coming to help today and tomorrow.  My mom is getting to be an expert in making bag bottoms!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Love the bags - especially the Christmas themed one. You are definitely increasing your knowledge with the inserting of the grommet - makes the rest of us want to try it also.

    Hope your weekend is a tremendous success.

  2. Wow ! You were busy Suzan. Great finishes.

    I love the bags (both of them ) and the quilt is just too gorgeous.

    Good Luck with your open house.

  3. wish I could sew after dinner and a couple of glasses of wine!! Those purses are darling

  4. I love that Christmas bag, it's inspiring me to have a go and make one....and you can sew after two glasses of wine??? One glass for me these days and I am flat on my back!!!! Good luck with open house. Linda

  5. I absolutely love the Christmas tote bag. Now if I can only find the time to make one. Good luck tomorrow on the open house.

  6. Think a tassel would be just right on the small batik bag. Love the idea of the grommets and cording! I also get a yearning to do a Christmas bag. They are both darling. Keep up the good work!

  7. Love what you've done. Your work is just really stunning. I too had some wine Friday night and then went and saw Harry Potter! LOL I know what you felt like!

    That Christmas tote is my favorite. I think we should campaign to have more hours put into a day so that we can work AND sew as much as we want. Let me know when you are coming down so we can plan to have lunch in OT and maybe a walk in the historic district!!! My treat!

  8. Love the batik bag. The quilting is great.


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