Friday, November 5, 2010


I tend to post to my blog in the early morning...sometimes in the wee hours since I usually am out of bed around 3am.  I tend to take photos when it is the crack of dawn so lighting is an issue.  (I don't like to use flash since it washes out everything.)  I also blog spur of the moment.

So...some questions.  When do you write your posts?  Do you shoot your photos in advance or around the same time you post?  Do you use a "point & shoot" camera or a snazzy SLR?  Do you use photo editing software and if you do, which one?

I am such a "Ms. Nosey Pants"!!


  1. I post when the mood hits me and take photos the same way. My photo editing program is my granddaughter and she has Photoshop and something else.

  2. Being retired allows me the privilege of taking pictures (with a point and
    shoot camera) anytime. As for posting blogs - that happens whenever the mood strikes.

    As for photo editing software I use photoscape on occasion.

    Weekend is here...enjoy it!

  3. I use both a DSLR and a PHD camera (Push HERE Dummy) a.k.a. point and shoot camera. The PHD resides in my back pack. In fact my last post featured a photo from that camera. If I shoot indoors, I set up my lights and backdrop so I can get even lighting on my subject.

    I try to compose my post when my mind is fresh and lately seem to be using the post options a lot to schedule them to post first thing in the morning. This gives me a bit of time to go back in a edit.

  4. I use a point and shoot, recently bought a new Nikon that I really love. I take photos at all times, right when I need them, or simply when the mood strikes me, sometimes way in advance of needing them. Right now I edit photos with iPhoto, but I have it on good authority Santa will be dropping by with Aperture this year! Yeah!!
    I tend to write posts early in the morning, or late at night. I love the scheduling feature. Also, whenever I have a thought for a post I might want to use later, I hop on to New Post, and add a title and a few words about what I want to post. Often weeks pass before I actually use the idea, but I like having the ideas jotted down for the moments Blog Block hits me!
    I've only been blogging since April, and I can't believe how much I've learned since I started. At this point I feel like I've found my "voice", and am enjoying learning new Blogger features and trying more creative things with my posts. I feel like blogging has created a new and important part of my life, and I look forward to new adventures with my blog! Thanks for asking!

  5. I use a P&S camera. I usually take pictures at night after I finish a project and upload them to webshots just before going to bed. Then I have access to them whenever I feel like blogging, which is usually before work or during lunch break. I do schedule blog posts too, but not very often. I don't try to post daily, but at least once a week.

  6. There is no rhyme or reason to my posting...just when ever the thought hits or the project is done...

  7. Plain digital camera here . If there is one raea I;d like to improve on my blog it's my photography skills. I love artsy shots but can never seem to nail them. Sometimes I take my shots 30 seconds before they appear on my blog and other times theyre sitting on my computer for weeks. I edit but usally just for cropping or to lighten my photos up since my house tends to be dark inside.

    Posting- I tend to post late in the day or at night since I work during the day. Some posts re pre-planned and others not so much. I think you'd call those ones rants!

  8. My camera is just a point and shoot -and I try to remember to take photos of the process, though usually it is the finished project. I usually finish things at night and try to photograph outside or during the day, so take a batch of photos at a time and just save them for a day when I feel like writing. My posts have gotten far away from being chronological, so I post about a topic or project when I can. I have mostly been just cropping and resizing photos, so Microsoft Office Picture Manager does most of what i need.

  9. Ok, answers for you: point and shoot, I take photos whenever I see something I "might" want to blog about and as I finish things. I tend to try to take the photos when the light is good -- mornings or afternoons.

    I am an inconsistent blogger. I am trying to consistently post on Monday and join in the design wall monday listing that Judy Laquadera does. And, I try to post at least one, possibly two times more a week. I tend to post at the beginning of the week and seldom at the end of the week. (although, I did post today, go figure!)

    I have Photoshop Elements that I've recently taken some classes on so I hope to incorporate some of it into my blog photos. For the most part I use iPhotos to crop, remove red eye and lighten photos for the blog. And, not all photos gets that type of treatment. Hope these ideas help you out or answer your curiosity. B.

  10. PHD camera that has video capability.

    I take photos randomly & sometimes make up posts to go with them.

    It all happens when it happens.


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