Monday, November 8, 2010

I am in love...again!!  Have you seen the new quilt up on the Moda Bake Shop page?

  "I Dance in Circles" just jumped out at me and I have got to make it!!  I am not going to use a layer cake.  I am going to use batiks cut into 9" squares.  Batiks!  It will be gorgeous.  Have I mentioned that I have a basket full of batik fat quarters and I have been looking for ideas?  Kismet.  Ooohhh...can you see it in "Happy" by Me & My Sister from Moda and made as a baby quilt?

I know I have so much to do before the 21st but there is a "bad" Suzan telling me to just go ahead.  I dare not listen to her.  She has gotten me into so much trouble in the past!  Well, maybe if I just cut a few to see how it will look...


  1. LOL - I thought that about a quilt this summer, and ended up with a generous twin sized monster!!! It's like Pringles... once you pop, you can't stop!!!

    Can't wait to see it finished -your fabric choices sound great!

  2. That is beautiful!! I hope you do make one!! :)

  3. You HUGE tease!! I thought I was going to find a pic of a man when I clicked the link. :P

    You know how I love circles! I have also clicked the Moda link. Must. Go. See.


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