Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crying in the rain

It started raining last night and has been coming down fairly hard since then.  I woke up at 5 this morning and went down to make coffee.  As I was coming down the stairs I could smell wet wood.  I looked up and there is water dripping from the top of the "pass through" from the kitchen to the dining room.

The leak is in the upper left side of the opening

Bad photography but you can see the little beads of rain water

I discovered this problem last year, spent time on the roof with black roofing cement stuff and the there was no more leaking.  I don't know if this was caused by ice and snow over the past few months but all I could do was stand in my kitchen and cry.  The kitchen was added to the back of the house 50 or more years ago.  When you go from the dining room into the kitchen, the doorway is about 10" thick and trimmed out.  The pass through window is the same.  Both of the roofs on the house are new.  There isn't any rain coming from the peak of the vaulted ceiling in the kitchen, it is just leaking out of the joints at the top of the pass through.  It is as if the water from the second story is somehow leaking down inside where the walls join, maybe running along an inside stud or something until it gets to the top of the pass through.  There is a window on the second floor directly above the pass through but there is no dampness in the wall upstairs.  Nothing makes sense about the leak.

I have absolutely no idea what to do now.  Crying isn't helping the situation but it is just a little overwhelming right now.  Whatever the problem, I can't fix it while it raining and it is supposed to rain for another 2 days.  Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if the wind wasn't blowing from that direction!   As I sit upstairs in the studio, I can hear the rain pouring on the roof and can only imagine what I will find two days from now.

It is times like these when it is the most difficult being single.  It would be so nice to have a man here and I could say "Honey, what do you think?  Please go fix it!"  I think I will have a pity party for another couple of minutes, wait for daylight and then try to assess the situation to the best of my ability.  I am thinking duct tape and a big blue tarp are going to the be the order of the day...

Hoping you have a better day than mine!


  1. Oh Suzan, wish I could give you a golden answer that would solve the problem...leaks are sometimes very difficult to see where they originate. Hopefully, when the sun is shining and it is dry you (or some one) can determine the exact location and make it better.

    Meantime, here is a tissue - so get the crying out of your system.

    Hugs from Oklahoma!

  2. Oh.....I am sooooo sorry....crying does help, it vents the cry if you want. When the sun comes out tomorrow (I will sing that for you) will be better able to access what to do....I know it is hard being upstairs knowing what is going on downstairs....I just saw the first comment by Amelia and she said just about the same thing I did or visa versa...sorry for the repeat. Both of us are very wise(smiling)

  3. Oh Suzan, Im so sorry . How awful for you . I'd be cursing black and blue myself (again not helpful but it'd make me feel better I think !)

    Hope you can get it sorted as quickly as possible. Praying the rain stops . Get a hire a hubby in to sort it out ...

  4. Our pity parties go like this..."I think I will go out in the backyard and eat worms." Since it is going to rain for a few days, you will have an easy time gathering those worms!

    Seriously, I think a good cry is exactly what helps sometimes! It's almost like a good rain, Afterwards you feel refreshed and ready to start anew!

    You'll figure it out. Strong women can do ANYTHING! And roofs are annoyingly impossible to figure out!!!!

    In the meantime, turn the music up and sing loudly so you can't hear the rain or the dripping!

  5. What an awful thing to get up to! I hope the weather man is wrong and the rain stops sooner! Crying might not fix the roof, but it does fix the soul. Sometimes we just have to get it out!

  6. Oh, Sweetie!!! I am so sorry. I would just sit there and cry, too. If I was closer, we would come out there and help you find a solution. I am just sick about this.

    Vent deserve it. Is there a rent a husband in your area? I am being serious...maybe some one at the church who will come out and assess things for you?

    Sending prayers and BIG hugs.

  7. I am so sorry you have a leak. We have fought with leaks for years. Not fun. I hope you can figure it all out and get it fixed soon.

  8. I hope you can find someone reliable (and reasonably-priced) to help you solve this problem. I can certainly understand the crying...I'd be doing that, too. You should have seen and heard me when we had a huge tree crash down on our house nearly two years ago (that did $30,000 worth of damage). NOT a pretty picture at I do understand how you feel.

  9. I feel your pain in the drip drip drip. :(

  10. oh no! we've been there; not a hard fix but it's doable

  11. I know your pain - ours is "fixed" by a bucket in the attic until we can get an entire re-roof done this spring/summer. Wish I had a spare pair of hands to send to help- but for now here's a virtual (((HUG)))

  12. I feel your pain...we've got a spot where the rain/snow/ice is allowing water to come in. Hubbie thinks the flasing is bad, could that be your weak spot? BE CAREFUL on Saturday while you are on the roof!! I don't care if someone is there to watch you, BE CAREFUL!!

    Behind and trying to catch up.....


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