Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally - I found a camera WITH a card!

Actually, I found 2 cameras with cards but not until this morning.  What really kills me is that the one camera was in the coat closet, hanging up exactly where it should have been.  I just didn't look there!

So here's what I made on Friday night...

First up is a holder for the CDs in my car.  I am probably one of the last people left in America that does not own any kind of MP3 player so I still drag around CDs.  I used some left over fabrics and a pattern that I found at Puking Pastilles.

Then I loaded up a bobbin with black elastic thread and had a big time!  I love making scarves! 

I rummaged through the remnants at Joann's a week or so ago and found fabrics I thought would be pretty in scarves.  The black and white is a piece of silky polyester and the blue print is voile. 

The fushia is poly silk and very long.  I love it.  All fabrics were slippery so the walking foot was a necessity.  I will be making more especially since there are a bunch of birthdays in my family that are coming up soon and I think these will make really sweet gifts.

OK, that's it for my Friday night.  I worked on a couple of other projects on Saturday and Sunday but didn't finish anything.  Saturday I mostly did laundry and housecleaning stuff.  Sunday I cooked and watched basketball.  (I love the ACC and was so happy to see UNC and Duke advance.)

I may live in Pennsylvania but I do believe I am a North Carolina girl in my heart!


  1. I love the idea of the CD holder! Your scarves are beautiful! Such great ideas!

  2. Love the scarves.....

    and CD holder!

  3. The CD holder is cute as (Ummm I still have CD's in my car and house too) My Ipod lives in my sewing room and last time I added music to it was about three years ago.

    Those scarves are a great idea.I may have to give one a try when Im feeling adventurous!

    It was worth the wait to see your photos.

  4. The scarves are great! Did you sew a tube, turn it right side out and then zig zag with the black elastic in the bobbin?

  5. Cute scarves! I love the cd holder. I don't have an mp3 player either, but my children and my husband do. But we still need cd's for the car!

    Thanks for visiting my post about Craft Hope for Haiti.

  6. The scarves are gorgeous, and you are NOT the last person on earth without an MP3 player. Love the CD holder. Great idea for some of those small remnants that I keep for just such inspiration. Thanks!


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