Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I went fabric shopping on Saturday and came home with these

They are for one project.  Any guesses?  I am stepping WAY outside my comfort zone.  I am using fabric markers.  I am doing applique'.  Still guessing?

OK - here is my inspiration fabric

Bet you figured it out now!


  1. No, I have not figured it out...other than perhaps beach bags. Regardless, I love all the bright colors of the chosen fabrics.

  2. I think you're doing the same thing I'm doing! It's an under the sea applique quilt!

    Im right arent I? Ive been planning one of those for Little P and got sidetracked with his Punctuation quilt!

    PS I fully plan to watch how you do it then shamelessly copy...

  3. AWESOME colors! Can't wait to see!!!

  4. Those fabrics are just awesome!


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