Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank you!!

Just a quick "thank you" for everyone's sweet and supportive comments yesterday on my rainwater dilemma.  When I got home yesterday evening I grabbed 4 bricks and a black trash bag (oh, why didn't I do that yesterday morning?!), opened up the window in the guest room, leaned out and secured the trash bag to the roof just below the window.  At first there wasn't any change downstairs and then I wiped the wall and only one little bead of water returned and within just about 35 minutes, no more water dropping.  The water had to finish coming out of the stud because it had to have been thoroughly soaked but after that no additional water was running in.

What this means is that I know for sure that the window is not the problem and that I have narrowed down the location of the problem to within a 36" x 12" area.  I will be on the roof on Saturday.  Please don't be fearful for me.  I have someone coming over to watch me (just in case) and I really have been out there twice before so I am very, very cautious.

Now, back to the sewing/quilting portion of this blog!  Last night I added the chocolate and white polka dot border to this baby quilt top

I have been dragging this thing around forever trying to find the perfect border fabric.  I think the big polka dots are fabulous on this!

This weekend (other than roofing excitement) I am going shopping for fabric to make another baby quilt gift.  One of my favorite women in the world became a grandmother last night.  The baby's room is decorated with a fish motif.  I think fabric shopping for this one is going to be great fun!

What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. First of all not anything real exciting happening early part of the weekend...but Sunday afternoon picking up my 6 year old grandson. He is spending Spring break with us. I am sure I will be exhausted by the time the week is over with.

    So glad you have narrowed down the water problem.

    The polka dots are just the finishing touch to the quilt..just makes it perfect.

  2. Love those polka dots! That's going to be the perfect touch for your quilt. Have fun shopping for the baby quilt!

    So far, only plan for the weekend is shopping and coffee with a friend on Saturday. Sunday is open so far, but I hope to visit the grandchildren.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. love the dots...perfect!
    Be careful on the roof!

  4. Love the polka dot border!

    I get to take 4 teenage boys to the indoor skatepark this weekend for a birthday party. Hopefully they have fun and I can get some errands done while they are skating.

  5. Wonderful quilt! Lucky baby!
    Glad you found the source of the leak.

  6. Good luck with the roof, glad you have pinpointed the tomorrow it will be resolved...sheweeee

    I love pink and browns together.

  7. Glad you temporarily sorted th eporblem and good luck with the permanant fix. I would have just thrown my hands up and got someone in to do it !

    Those dots look perfect !

  8. Told ya! Strong women can do, figure out and handle anything!!!


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