Saturday, March 5, 2011

The downside of organizing my studio

I decided a little studio clean up was in order.  I started with trying to organize my scraps.  In doing that, I started opening project boxes and digging around in a couple of large Rubbermaid storage tubs that I use for all sorts of fabric odds and ends.  Inside one of the Rubbermaid containers I found  black and white fabric squares.  Remember my black and white quilt, "Desolation"?  I found enough pre-cut blocks that if combined with the others, I would have a queen size quilt top.  Why I had two ziplock bags of the same blocks in two different locations I will never know.  Now what?  Any suggestions?

I may never clean up again...


  1. So funny, you probably forgot you already made them and did it again. I'm reorganizing my room, and not have stuff expanded into the dining room because I've started looking at every single thing I have and organized scraps into bins inbetween and you know the drill! It's never simple.

  2. Oh, you know, we all do that. At least you like them, right?

    I find things and often wonder... what was I thinking?

    And my personal favorite is cleaning up to find duplicates of magazines (a purchase to a subscription I already get) and books (and we know how pricey they can be) or cuts of fabric. Here a yard, there two or three... and then five! ...of the same fabric. ...Karen

  3. what they said...
    Make it and donate it if you're not crazy about it. My pal Debra needs quilts to practice her long arming on and will take donations happily. She'll even trade stuff in exchange sometimes. Gives the quilts to a womens shelter in her hometown of Montogmery Texas.

    Debora's Design Studio-
    It's on my side bar too.

  4. I'd try to consider this as a good FOUND something usable! Not having seen what these blocks look like, its hard to say what I'd do if they were mine (not that I need any!). But, why not make more blocks with colors and patterns that you love? As the others said, if you don't like it, you could donate it.

    Good luck to you!



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