Friday, March 1, 2013

Changing things up a little

In the next few days you will notice some changes on my blog.  Some changes will be barely noticeable.  Some will certainly make a difference in the appearance of my blog.  Some changes will provide links to my other blog pages.  As soon as everything is all "jazzed" up I will tell you all about the wonderful designer and blogger with whom I am working.

So, inspired by Brandy (Whoops!  That cat is outta the bag!!) I am trying a couple of things on my own including editing HTML code.  Who would have thought?!  Notice my pictures on the blog?  Notice none of them have shadow lines around the edges?  I did that!  I made them go away.  OK, so I had the help of a great tutorial but still I did it.  (After first backing up my blog template, crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer!)  I pinned it to one of my boards on Pinterest so if those shadows bug you as much as they bug me, check it out!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the makeover Suzan (and I just followed you on Pinterest too!)

  2. Way to go Suzan!!!
    Can't wait to see the final reveal - although I'm really impressed already!


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