Friday, March 29, 2013

Small haul

Wanna see what I picked up at Burkholder's?

I have an Etsy request for a wristlet and these fabrics seem to fit the bill.

The gray will be the focus fabric and the polka dots will be used for the band and interior.

I still haven't made my gift for the Covert Round Robin.  Yes, I know I have to have it in the mail tomorrow. Good thing I am planning on being up pretty late tonight watching as many episodes I can of "Newsroom".    (I have been sucked into the Xfinity Watchathon and I am totally in love with "Newsroom"!  I am this close to subscribing to HBO just so I can watch it weekly.  Aaron Sorkin is writing it and it reminds me so much of the very best of West Wing.  But I digress...)

These are the fabrics I picked up for my gifty.

The fabrics are from 3 different Moda collections - two by Bonnie and Camille and one from Sandy Gervais.  I love how they work together.  I will show you a finished product tomorrow before I head to the post office.  Nothing like procrastinating until the very.last.minute!


  1. Those are beautiful! Don't you find yourself buying fabric to just look at? x

  2. This was a beautiful fabric selection and the tote bag is amazing!!! My girls tried to confiscate it before i could even get it out of the box but no way are they getting this beauty. I keep a tote by the back door as i never leave the house with out one; i have removed the old one and the gorgeous one you made is ready for my next outing. MoMo is one of my faves too so i will have some fun with the charm pack. Thanks so much for your wonderful package; it made my day!!!!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics and gorgeous bag you made for my friend Gina. How lovely that you are both so talented in so many ways. I just wanted to drop in and say hi!


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