Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm in the mood to SEW!

I am not talking about quilting or purses or any of my usual stuff.  I am in the mood to sew clothing.  I have seen so many cute patterns and great ideas.  And sweet fabrics.  So many pretty fabrics that would look darling in little dresses or skirts.  My granddaughters are past the point of wanting little dresses and twirly skirts.  I found this one with a tutorial on line.

Photo from Erin's blog - House on Hill Road  (follow the link above)
 My great-nieces have birthdays coming up.  I think they are getting twirly skirts from their auntie!


  1. That will be such a cute gift! No wee ones here anymore either and all small grands are little fellas. We are to have our first great grand child...OMG...but will be a stinking cute wee fella too! hahaha! Out of 12 grands only 3 were gals. What are the odds!


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