Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where does the time go?

I love reading blogs.  There are a number of blogs that I follow on a daily basis.  Of late, however, I can not keep up.  This morning I tried to catch up but I found that I was looking at some that were posted nearly a week ago.  I have been trying to read a couple of dozen every day but at this point I feel like I am drowning.  I made a decision to just mark everything "read" and try a little harder next week.

Some distractions last week were making a couple of sets of these

and these

I only finished half of the top for the baby quilt.  I love it already!  I hope to have it finished after the Easter holiday.  My peeps arrive here on Saturday afternoon and are staying until Wednesday so my sewing time will be very limited.

Another distraction was the class I took last Saturday.  The class is titled "The Artful Eye".  It is painting with fabric scraps.  The class is taught by Teresa Fusco.  She is very talented and a great teacher.  Quilty sister and I took the class together and really had a wonderful time.  I am still thread painting my piece and then I have to hand stitch the beading.  I would love to have it hanging this weekend.

I decided to take the day off today to organize the studio (enough that my granddaughter can sleep on the daybed) and do a little spring cleaning.  I also have to pick up some fabric for a consignment piece.  I am going to print out my 25% discount coupon and head over the mountain to Burkholder Fabrics.  Fabric store + discount coupon + credit card = major willpower test!

One last thing, I just had a request from a reader to embed the comments section in the blog as opposed to having a separate page for them.  I did that this morning.  I hope it makes it easier to leave a comment.


  1. You're staying busy! Can't wait to see all you accomplish.

  2. Thank you Suzan, I'll comment every day now :)


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