Monday, May 19, 2008

Just ask me about my weekend...I dare you!

Cute, right? Well, cute little puppies like this turn into DOGS FROM HELL when they are about 9 months old. How do I know that? Because I "dog sat" one of those over the weekend. She can (and does) jump completely onto the top of the pool table. How do I know? Because she did and then subsequently ate a remote control for the television. I always thought that the weekend before I left Seattle would be the worst weekend I would ever have to experience. Well, it doesn't even come close to this past weekend with the dogs. Maggie, a 3 year old sweetheart Brittany Spaniel, is delightful. Very sweet and cuddly and she even slept on the bed with me. Crazy dog, Ava (named after Hitler's girlfriend), slept in her kennel. Thank goodness.

Just ask me how much sewing I actually did...6 blocks. Six stinking blocks. And did I get my mother's quilt on the longarm? No. Not a chance.

My sister brought me fabric as a thank you. I love my sister, however, bringing me the entire spring line of all Moda fabric would not have made up for the weekend. (Clarification - she did not bring me the entire spring line. I am just saying that even if she had it would not have made up for my miserable weekend!) Sigh...


  1. O M G, what happened? What did the dog all get into????

    Oh man, if the whole spring line of Moda won't cure it....that had to be bad!!!

  2. That sounds like a horrible weekend! I would not do so well with the dogs either! too bad you didn't get your quilting done.

  3. But the puppy has such an innocent little face. I happen to have one of those all grown up now. About the time I adopted mine we started calling him the spawn of Satin. So I do feel your pain. Now of course he is sooooo much better.

  4. That must be some dog if she can jump on the pool table ,you must have been so happy to see her leave .I love animals but I would have felt the same way .Cheer up at least you can be glad you don't own it .

  5. LOL how can you not love that innocent look (?) unless of course you know "the rest of the story" --such a cute face amongst the flowers!! Are there any flowers left or was that the mission to dig up the flowers? We had a cocker that when she was a puppy she loved digging up the flower beds, and came out of them with dirt and flowers hanging from her face and ears!

    Oh man the 'spring line' of Moda - that is quite the payment for a tough assignment! Enjoy it you, earned it!

  6. I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog as it brought me to yours and I've really enjoyed reading it! I just don't believe a cute little puppy like that could be bad ;-)


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