Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jen's having a sale!

The Cre8tive Quilter is having a moving sale. Just when I made a VOW to stop all quilt related shopping in order to pay off some of my debt to make my house purchase more pocket book friendly. Damn! See...this is why I could never have been a nun. I am too easily tempted. I was born to be a vow breaker!!

I mentioned that I was trying to quilt an hour a day. That isn't exactly working as planned but I am going to try to catch up this weekend. This is an update of the quilt I have been working on for Julie's birthday.

There are 3 large blocks that I could not get up on the "design wall" and also show the small blocks that I have finished. The small blocks are killers. I hate working with little pieces. I am going to quilt this on Jenny using the walking foot. It should be hand quilted but that ain't gonna happen! Julie's birthday is tomorrow so she won't get the quilt on time but I also bought her a huge antique cheese box and I am taking her out for dinner. (All just trying to avoid guilt!) Hey! Why am I feeling guilty anyway? She STILL hasn't given me MY birthday present!!


  1. Very nice! She will love it!

  2. It is going to be pretty...and better late than never.

    Have a great long weekend!

    amelia in Oklahoma

  3. This comment is priceless...

    See...this is why I could never have been a nun. I am too easily tempted. I was born to be a vow breaker!!

    Thanks for blogging about my moving sale! If it goes well and you end up moving, you could do the same!! =)

  4. Love the blocks! I am a little behind on my One hour a day, too. I will definitely be catching up this weekend!

  5. Too funny! I couldn't be a nun either. And ... everytime I say I'm going to do something over the years thats really "out there" like run for hubby says...."You've got a better chance of becomming a nun". What could he possible mean by that? He just likes to mess with me. The jerk...hehehhee....
    Love the quilt! It's gonna be beautiful all quilted on Jenny!

  6. The quilt is going to look wonderful and better late that never! I love the nun comment!
    I'm all caught up to my hour a day, but it's not an every day kind of thing. It's just nice to see that I'm making progress.

  7. thanks for stopping by Suzan. The quilt looks very nice-she will love it.
    My brother & his wife live in Paupack on the lake. Hope you stop by again although I can't imagine what you mean by avoiding fabric purchases.....please explain(heeeee)

  8. Hola desde Asturias me encanta tu blog tienes cosas muy bonitas saludos...

  9. Very nice. I had to laugh when you said "this should be hand quilted"... why do we all beat ouselves up? We do. It will be lovely however you choose to quilt it, can't miss.

  10. Have you ever been to Paducah Kentucky to the quilt show in April? I work in Paducah and it always is a grand event.


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