Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing quilty to report

HOWEVER, I am so excited! I am typing on a real keyboard. Yes! My computer is back up and running. The power supply is a teeny bit noisy but it sounds like the fan is doing it's job cooling the unit. I surely hope so 'cause I am just sick to death of typing on the laptop!

I know I didn't mention it before so I am gonna tell you about a little incident the day I returned from my Mother's Day visit to Virginia. It was a long day and I was really tired. I was making a sandwich for supper and I honestly don't know how it happened but I hit my plate rack somehow and it fell off the counter. My plate rack looks a bit like this except that is is more ornate, kind of country French looking. Anyway, 13 dinner plates went crashing to the floor. (I have ceramic tile floors in my kitchen.) Needless to say, I was fortunate that one survived the fall. I had 3 others in the dishwasher so now I have 4 out of 16 dinner plates. I have every other piece of china from the set...cups, saucers, soup bowls, serving pieces, etc. Now, you know about my addiction to china so I have lots of other china to use. However, this means I NEED to go shopping for at least 12 dinner plates that are open stock and will look good with the rest of this set. Damn - I have to go shopping!


  1. Well, Suzan, you NEED to show us what your plates looked like. Some gals will do anything to be able to go shopping! (Just kidding!)

  2. 12 plates???!!! I would have been in a dejected heap on the floor if this had happened to my beloved Blue Willow. Go -- shop -- replace. You are absolved; any china lover would say the same.

    The only thing worse would be if the tile floor had been damaged too. I speak from experience. (Heavy-bottomed glass mug; fumblefingers; shattered mug and cracked tile. Sob.)

  3. Some people will do anything to go shopping! Oh well, have fun searching for the perfect pieces.


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